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You shouldn’t have to put up with unpleasant odors. With Neutra-Scent you don’t have to. It’s formulated to encapsulate malodors at the molecular level so you can eliminate bad smells at the source. Neutra-Scent itself has no fragrance at all, so it doesn’t cover up smells like some other products. It completely eliminates them. Simply spray Neutra-Scent wherever there’s a bad smell and it disappears forever.

Works at the molecular level for permanent odor removal
Perfect for smoke smells, spilt milk, and litter boxes
Has no fragrance so it won’t mask odors, just remove them

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What Makes This Product Unique?

1. We’ve dealt with a lot of cars that smell horrible; just about every stench imaginable has come our way. We used to have to deep clean and shampoo upholstery using enzyme based cleaners/deodorizers. This process works well, but it’s incredibly time consuming, and sometimes a deep clean isn’t necessary – the car isn’t dirty, just stinky. We sought to make something that would work quickly, which is why Neutra-Scent works instantly on contact. No waiting, no scrubbing, no drying. Just spray Neutra-Scent and forget the smell was ever there.

2. Neutra-Scent uses the most effective technology on the market to eliminate odors. Our formula encapsulates offensive odor molecules and eliminates them…permanently. Because it works on the molecular level, you never have to worry about odors returning. Neutra-Scent doesn’t temporarily cover up odors; it kills them.

3. One of the great things about Neutra-Scent is that the product itself has no fragrance. So many other products on the market cover up smells with another scent, but the offensive odor usually returns as soon as the product wears off. Neutra-Scent is different. Because it entraps the malodor molecules we don’t need to add any extra fragrances. Once you use it the area just smells like…nothing.

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1 gal, 12 oz, 32 oz


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